Preschool Director's Message

Nina Burrows, Preschool Director


Learning should be fun—especially in preschool! My job as preschool director is to help create a safe, loving school environment for you and your children. Our qualified, caring teachers help to make this easy! They work with students individually, and design learning environments tailored to children’s abilities and interests. Our families are so supportive, and the strong collaboration between home and school distinguishes our program.

Before becoming Preschool Director, back in 2007, I worked as a 4’s teacher, first grade teacher, textbook editor, and PDO Director. I have a Master’s degree in Elementary Reading, but still learn from the children. 

My door is always open to you, whether your child is a current, past, or future student at FUMC. My daughters thrived while they were here at preschool, and I strive to offer the same experience to you and your children.

My Best,



Preschool Curriculum


The Creative Curriculum and Enrichment

The Creative Curriculum​ is our blueprint for planning and implementing a developmentally-appropriate program. Its effectiveness

 in helping children acquire social competence and the 

skills they need to succeed as learners is well-documented. 

We have incredible enrichment programs woven into our curriculum. Depending on the child's age and class, they will attend: music, soccer, science, art, Stretch-n-Grow and Spanish, which are all included with your tuition.



Cognitive Development

  • Problem-solving
  • Positive approaches to learning

Language Literacy

  • Listening and speaking
  • Emergent reading and writing

Physical Development

  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor strength and co-ordination

Spiritual Development

  • Chapel for 3's, 4's and Pre-K
  • Prayers before lunch
  • Invitations to child-friendly church events


Social and Emotional Development

Our teachers implement Conscious Discipline in the Classroom.

  • Self-regulation
  • Building positive relationships
  • Constructive participation in group situations

Preschool Tuition

Schedule Options and Pricing

Short Day: 9:30 - 12:30

Long Day: 9:30- 2:30

2's and 3's (Short or Long Day)

2 days/week (Tues/Thurs): Short Day = $210, Long Day = $290

3 days/week (MWF): Short Day = $315, Long Day = $440

5 days (Monday-Friday): Short Day = $525, Long Day = $700

4's (Long Day)

2 days/week (Tues/Thurs): = $290

3 days/week (MWF):  $440

5 days (Monday - Friday): = $700

Pre-K/Bridge Class (Long Day)

5 days (Monday - Friday):  = $700

All prices are per month.

We accept checks, cash, credit cards or direct draft.

Extended Care, Registration and Supply Fees

Before care (8:30 - 9:15) - $7 /day

After Care for 2's & 3's (12:30 - 2:30) - $15/day

A $100 non-refundable registration fee is due at enrollment. Supply fee is equal to one month's tuition. Supply fee is also non-refundable and due at enrollment.

Preschool Summer Program


Each Camp is Monday - Thursday from 9:30-2:30

Cost is $160 per Camp

Summer Pre-Registration is March 2-6 for Current Students and Church Members

Summer Open Registration Begins April 9th

Week One: Spanish Camp (June 1 - June 4)

Week Two: Soccer Camp (June 6 - June 9)

Week Three: Creative Builders Camp (June 15 - June 18)

Week Four: Cooking Camp (June 22 - June 25)

Week Five: Soccer (June 29 - July 2)

Week Six: Art Camp (July 6 - July 9)

FUMC VBS July 13-17